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Wang Zhanjie's Speech at the Work Exchange

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Solidarity and cooperation, good service and common

The continuous progress of the plastic industry 

--Speech at "2022 National Plastics Industry Association (Commerce) Work Exchange Conference"

Wang Zhanjie, Chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

July 20, 2022

Distinguished Presidents, Secretaries General and Representatives, Good afternoon!

It's my pleasure to meet by the beautiful Luoma Lake to exchange work with you, talk about friendship, analyze the current situation and trend of the industry, discuss service experience and seek high-quality development of the industry. Here, on behalf of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, I would like to extend a warm welcome to the representatives of the plastic industry associations (merchants) from all over the country, and express my heartfelt thanks to all of you for sharing the situation of the various industries, making contributions to the development of the plastic industry for a long time, and supporting the work of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association!

In order to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of China's plastic industry, better practice the service tenet, and strengthen the communication and cooperation between the associations (chambers), we have organized today's exchange meeting under the current situation that the industry is under great pressure to develop, and invited everyone to come together. The purpose is to strengthen information communication, better understand the situation, and analyze the existing difficulties and problems in the industry through exchange, Pragmatically study how to better play the role of business associations, promote industrial chain cooperation, improve service levels and promote sustainable high-quality development of the industry through scientific and technological innovation. Leaders at the industry consultation meeting attached great importance to overcoming the impact of the epidemic, busy work and other difficulties, and sent a strong team to participate in today's meeting in different ways. Influenced by the poor traffic, some presidents changed four flights and finally arrived at Suqian today by bus, which was very touching. Some associations worried that they could not come to the scene and recorded videos in advance. Today, they overcame difficulties and came to Suqian. So far, as far as we know, there are 23 provincial associations that are still carrying out normal activities. 15 participating in today's on-site meeting; Five associations in Shanghai, Chongqing, Fujian, Hainan and Xinjiang participated online because they were unable to come to the scene due to the local epidemic policy; Hunan Association participated in the conference online due to traffic jam; One association was unable to arrive at the site under special circumstances. In addition, today we also invited several municipal and county level associations that have a relatively close working relationship with the China Plastics Association to attend the meeting.

In this meeting, we all made serious preparations, some prepared written materials, some prepared PPT, some made small videos. From the industry situation in various places to the work of the association, from the current difficulties to the industry outlook, we all put forward many good specific opinions and suggestions, from which we also saw that we have done a lot of work for the development of the industry. The China Plastics Association also made a brief introduction and explanation from the basic economic operation of the national plastic industry, the work carried out by the association, and the upcoming Nanjing Four New Exhibitions in November. In his speech, President Zhu also talked about the industry situation and four aspects of opinions. Through exchanges, we have strengthened understanding, broadened our horizons and enhanced friendship. We believe that it is of great significance to promote future cooperation and work together in the industry.

This year is a year full of challenges. The COVID-19 has been repeated in many places. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has suddenly occurred. The triple pressures of demand contraction, supply shock and expected weakening have been highlighted. China's plastic industry has been under pressure in the first half of the year when it was operating stably. From your speech just now and several enterprise visits this year, we can see that in addition to some overall industry difficulties and problems mentioned in the past, the current development of the industry also faces the following difficulties:

First, it is common for the industry to increase income without increasing profits; Second, enterprises in epidemic areas have experienced ups and downs in resuming production; Third, the cost and capital pressure of enterprises are large; Fourth, lack of confidence in the development of the industry; Fifth, the uncertainty of international trade has increased; Sixth, some policies are not well implemented; Seventh, the existence of stigma in the plastic industry affects the development.

When the industry is more difficult, our industry association (business association) should be more united, never forget the original intention of promoting the development of the industry, strengthen the confidence that the industry will be better tomorrow, and make a determination to serve the industry well. We should jointly cope with difficulties, do a good job and jointly promote the healthy and stable development of the industry. Here, there are several suggestions for your exchange and reference.

First, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation. China Plastics Association and local party associations (business associations) share the common goal of serving the development of the industry. In the process of industry development, we should further strengthen communication, exchange and cooperation. By learning from each other's strengths, learning from each other, keeping watch and helping each other, we should jointly communicate, study and judge industry trends, lead the development of the industry, and work together to build a sky for the development of the industry, so that the industry will go further and further, The road of our association will become wider and wider. The unity and cooperation between associations will be more conducive to the development of the industry and the progress of industry enterprises. For example, we support each other, participate in some major activities, and support the Nanjing Exhibition of China Plastics Association. These cooperation examples are also recognized by the industry and supported by enterprises. We should continue to strengthen this work in the future.

Second, we should work together to provide industry development services. We should accurately grasp the key, difficult and hot issues of the industry, take the development of the industry as our own responsibility, jointly and jointly do a good job in various services required by the industry and enterprises, and support the continuous progress of enterprises. For example, information provision, policy interpretation, coordination, scientific and technological innovation, project consultation, reaching the standard and creating excellence, talent training, market development, international trade and other aspects of work have cooperation prospects and cooperation cases. It is suggested to sort out the needs of enterprises, give full play to their respective advantages, and cooperate to provide services for enterprises to specialize in new "little giants", apply for individual champions in the manufacturing industry, etc.

Third, we should work together to lead innovation. We should work together to jointly carry out scientific and technological innovation in the industry. Give full play to the resource advantages of various associations, gather the talents of academicians and experts, and gather the strength of the industry to jointly promote the construction of integrated innovation of government, industry, university and research fund, collaborative innovation of industrial chain, and precise connection between the supply side and the demand side of innovation, cooperate in tackling key, important and key technologies, achieve breakthroughs in the "choke" technology field of the industry, encourage and support the application of enterprise science and technology awards, the creation of science and technology innovation platforms, and the transformation of achievements, Stimulate the innovation power of enterprises, complement their weaknesses through scientific and technological innovation, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development of the industry.

Fourth, work together to promote green and sustainable development. We will jointly implement the development strategy of "high efficiency, energy conservation, green, recycling, ecology and environmental protection", give full play to the advantages of plastic products, and promote the solution of the pollution problem of disposable plastic wastes with recyclable, easily recyclable and degradable materials as the development direction. We will increase the demonstration and promotion of green and low-carbon technologies, improve the level of recycling, speed up green and ecological transformation and upgrading, strengthen product life-cycle management, and strive to build a green and ecological manufacturing system. It is suggested that all associations coordinate policy suggestions, actively promote the implementation of relevant international conventions, and make new contributions to the national "double carbon" standard.

Fifth, coordinate the construction of standardization system. We should jointly promote the formulation and revision of group standards, industry standards and national standards in various subdivisions of the plastic industry, coordinate, encourage and support enterprises and scientific research institutes to participate in standardization work, strengthen cooperation, promote mutual recognition, customization and co compilation of group standards, and increase the standardization construction of product certification system. Cooperate in the promotion and implementation of standards and vigorously promote the implementation of standards. To jointly create conditions for the improvement of the technical level of the industry, the scientific and reasonable supervision and testing, and the better application of plastic products.

Sixth, we should practically carry out information communication and sharing. Within the framework of relevant regulations, discuss the establishment of information sharing platform, publicity and mutual assistance platform, and exchange innovative publicity methods and contents. We will jointly build an information exchange platform to maintain regular communication on changes in raw material prices, operating rates in various regions and other situations, so as to provide multifaceted support for grasping the industry's operating trends. Exchange the excellent manuscripts of the internal journals of each association to jointly improve the content quality of the internal journals of each association.

Seventh, actively support the joint construction of advanced industrial clusters. We will work together to strengthen the construction of distinctive regions and industrial clusters, promote the extension of industrial clusters to strengthen the chain, amplify the effects of industrial agglomeration and scale, and build regional brands. Accelerate resource integration, guide enterprise strategic cooperation and advantage reorganization, encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and support the development of industry leading enterprises and scientific and technological demonstration enterprises. Support and cultivate a group of enterprises with strong international competitiveness, and constantly narrow the overall gap with the plastic processing industry of developed countries through independent innovation.

Eighth, jointly safeguard the rights and interests of the industry. Strengthen communication and coordination, adopt a separate and centralized approach, reflect industry difficulties and enterprise demands to relevant departments, put forward policy suggestions to relevant government departments that are conducive to the development of the plastic industry, put forward suggestions and demands for adverse industry development policies, and seek the help of government departments. For practical problems, represent the industry to upstream industries such as raw materials and equipment, and reflect the opinions, suggestions and reasonable requirements of the industry; Put forward suggestions on scientific use of plastic products and reasonable disposal of waste to the application field. We will work together to solve the problem of plastic stigmatization. Support the supply and demand connection, industry finance connection and production and marketing supporting cooperation of the industrial chain supply chain to help SMEs grow.

Ninth, we should work together to promote the industry. The publicity of plastic industry, plastic products and high-quality plastic enterprises is very important. We should strengthen publicity cooperation, cross publicize important developments of various associations, and increase their coverage and influence. Let more people know about the advantages of plastic products and scientific use methods, play the role of plastics in making people's lives better and contributing to the realization of the national double carbon goals, play a good role in the lecture hall of China Plastics Association "Talk about Plastics" and the publicity platform of various associations, and express the description of "plastic prohibition" scientifically, so as to help the development of the industry.

Tenth, we should constantly explore closer cooperation models. In combination with the characteristics of plastic industry in various regions, we can cooperate and coordinate to jointly carry out industrial activities. For example, the Agricultural Film Special Committee of China Plastics Association and Guangxi Plastics Industry Association jointly held the annual meeting of agricultural film, which has achieved good results. On the basis of traditional cooperation, it is suggested that we should study and explore ways of closer cooperation, support each other in holding some activities, strengthen coordination in some actions, and jointly deal with some problems. We will discuss the complementarities and interests of our members to deepen our cooperation.

Hongwen, Secretary General of China Plastics Association, introduced the recent main work of China Plastics Association, and Lei Guang, Vice President, also introduced the preparation of 2022 China International Plastics Exhibition. The participation of the members of the leadership of the China Plastics Association and the presence of the director at today's meeting is to inherit and innovate. We should carry forward the principle of strengthening cooperation with everyone set by the original Chairman Wen Wei. China Plastics Association must continue to provide good services for everyone and the industry, and grow together with everyone.

Today, our 31 associations jointly held a conference with relatively full communication, firm industry development belief, solidarity and cooperation, and jointly serve the industry development, which fully demonstrated the unity of the Chinese plastic industry and the overall situation of plastic processing. It is believed that this meeting will make positive contributions to leading and serving the better development of China's plastic industry and stabilizing China's economic market.

The original mind is like a rock, struggling to do. I propose that all the consultative meetings should be more united and cooperative, forge ahead, provide good services, make constant efforts for the high-quality development of China's plastic industry, and present gifts to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical actions.

Wish you all a wonderful few days in Suqian! I wish you all the best! Thank you!

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